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What is “History”?

“As a discipline history encourages the sort of deep thinking and reading literacy required in our increasingly complex world. As s subject matter history contains the very essence of who we are and where we come from.”

“History is a discipline; a way of thinking that encourages students to analyze historical evidence, evaluate it, and then demonstrate their understanding of that evidence… [It] helps one make meaning in a chaotic and changing present.”

“In a society fueled by instantaneous information and swirling with historical explanations, students need the power of discernment more than ever before.” [...]

"Most fundamentally, history is not the past. It is a study of the past."

Excerpted from: Mandell, Nikki, and Bobbie Malone. Thinking like a Historian: Rethinking History Instruction: A framework to Enhance and Improve Teaching and Learning. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2007. Print. (5)

Blerkins is an eclectic blog of scholarly reflection and cultural commentary for folks who still believe that Western civilization has merit; and that life is far too interesting to give up on, or waste on television.
Our audience tends to be people exasperated with the world but too idealistic to give up on cultural engagement; who swim in a world seemingly devoid of truth, yet are too ethical for hedonism.


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