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Blerkins Merch - The Store is Now Open, AGAIN

UPDATE: Store payment processor issue resolved.

It seems that when our new store launched earlier in the week, the payment processor did not correctly sync with our store account. We believe this has now been resolved and online purchases can now be completed. Thank you so much to those who gave us a heads-up about the problem and your patience while we fixed it. Merry Christmas!

Good News

The store is open at Come on over and buy some stuff.

Obvious News

Our merch is a cut-above the rest of the internet world. We are endeavoring to only include products that people might actually want to have, and which are high quality.

Less Obvious News

We are priced to sell. Blerkins is not really a money making operation, and we make very little off each purchase. For each item, your purchase price includes the cost of the item itself, an up-charge for the Blerkins logo customization, and the fixed shipping costs, all of which are determined by the vendor. We combine all this into one simplified price in the Blerkins store. The point we're trying to make is that there is very little mark-up over here at Blerkins. The prices reflect what the vendor charges us. If the prices were any lower, we would literally be paying for your stuff. True story: on our very first-ever Blerkins store purchase, we actually owed our vendor $2.96. That's right...our profit was in the negative. And this is why we don't teach math.

Weird News

Our vendor only permits us to add 2 items to our online store per day. While our goal is to carry about a dozen awesome items, it may take a week before they are all viewable.

Frustrating News

The long-awaited Blocks (Blerkins socks) are still on stand-by. Technically, we were able to order some samples, but we are not able to add them to the store until the supply chain issue is resolved. Thanks to the China Flu, socks have become the new toilet paper: almost completely unavailable. They say they hope to remove this restriction soon.

Hopeful News

In the meantime, we are continuing to explore options for the Blocks. They continue to be the #1 requested merch item and we here at Blerkins will not rest until we secure Blocks for our subscribers, even if we have to sail to China ourselves to do it.

Blerkins is an eclectic blog of scholarly reflection and cultural commentary for folks who still believe that Western civilization has merit; and that life is far too interesting to give up on, or waste on television.
Our audience tends to be people exasperated with the world but too idealistic to give up on cultural engagement; who swim in a world seemingly devoid of truth, yet are too ethical for hedonism.


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