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1. Blerkins stands for “Blog of Perkins.” That should tell you all you need to know about our editorial philosophy. We’re constantly going back to our mission, always returning to the question, “What would Perkins say about this?” Blogus Perkinus charismaticus est.



2. We are pleased that Blerkins’ claim to be “the best-named blog on the internet” has never been tested on animals. This is part of our ongoing commitment to you. We are very ethical that way.



3. In real life, Blerkins is a professional educator and world historian. These are vocations which are intrinsically motivated by reason, literacy, and the search for truth. Hopefully these ideals are reflected in our commentary. In moments away from the classroom, we read, write, and carry on an educational consultancy.



4. Satire is seriously funny. Blerkins, however, is not convinced that humor necessarily makes truth easier to accept, as some claim. We already see some circles in which truth will simply not be tolerated in any guise. The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs, and all that. Worse still, the very existence of truth, or of its knowability, is increasingly questioned or rejected outright. Thus, our use of humor is about our own need to preserve sanity in the face of a post-reason world.



5. Blerkins generally communicates with intensity and conviction. Subtlety, we suspect, is an artform which must be acquired when young; and our mother was the sort to burn your toys in the driveway if you did not clean your room. As she stared a little too excitedly at the fire, her thinly veiled smirk and barely restrained glee forever etched itself into my sub-conscience. She was, in that moment, vaguely reminiscent of Savonarola. So, no, not so much on the subtley at Blerkins.



6. Blerkins is knowingly driving in several directions at once. It may, from time to time, come off a little schizophrenic because while some of these goals are quite serious, others are witty and lighthearted. It would be best for the reader to embrace the contradictions and revel in them.  If we had been slightly less self-absorbed in our early days, we might have named the blog Aristotelian Existentialist.



7. Blerkins is not afraid of hard questions; but people are often too timid to ask them. Here then, preemptively, are answers to six important questions you did not even ask: Star Trek; over the roll; Napoleon (Bonaparte, not Dynamite); royal blue (brings out our eyes); organic whole milk; and, yes – but I didn’t much like it and probably won’t do it again.



8. Blerkins is expanding. Later in the year we will launch our podcast. New content is added weekly; though we are also incrementally adding previous content from the old blog. Remember, if you haven’t read it, it’s new to you.



9. Comments. Blerkins does not solicit them, and honestly, we don’t care. However, we do welcome meaningful conversation, suggestions for future topics, and book recommendations. Click on the Contact tab and use the form to drop us a line. We generally respond to inquiries within 48 hours. Unless you are a wacko.



Thank you again for visiting.

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